Overview of Published Works


The essential guidebook for English Language Learners: The Untold Story of the Alphabet. Chloe and her fellow teachers know that this guide works! Explore the wonderful world of words and discover how well you will read, write, and speak.

Also available: a guide to help you cultivate a more spiritual and fulfilling lifestyle, What God Looks for in Our Lives details how to implement healthy daily habits such as prayer and reflections of gratitude. An inspirational and thoughtful book to enrich your everyday life.

In her book for children, The Girl Who Did Not Like Her Name, young readers will get to know Alessandra Teresa Petrucci. Chloe wrote this book to help children who do not like their own name. They may relate to having a unique or long name that no one else can spell.

Carpe Diem ~ Seize the Day!

A favorite saying of Chloe JonPaul when she has her cup of coffee in the morning.