What God Looks for in Our Lives


In order to cultivate a more spiritual and fulfilling lifestyle, Chloe Jon Paul details how to implement healthy daily habits such as prayer and reflections of gratitude. Readers are encouraged to look to biblical and religious figures, both saints and sinners, for inspiration and encouragement. Periodically inserting anecdotes from the author’s own life, she creates a guideline for following God’s intended path for His children.

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  1. God Isn’t Looking for Superstars
  2. God Recycles Too!
  3. Simple Prayers for You to Say
  4. Stop Telling God How Big Your Storm Is
  5. Women Saints to have in Your Arsenal of Prayer
  6. Big Brother Saints for Men
  7. Get Inspired! Become a Rakivist!
  8. Build Your Gratitude List from A to Z!
  9. God answered My Request in a Hurry!
  10. How God Has Worked in My Life
  11. My Angels Are Ever with Me!
  12. God! Gimme a Break! Or Better Yet... How About a Breakthrough?
  13. Four Rooms You Should Visit Daily
  14. What Is Your FGA Quotient?
  15. Feeling Jealous? Bet You Didn’t Know This!

Dorrance Publishing Co. ISBN 978-1-6461-0675-2


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*All royalties from What God Looks For in Our Lives will be donated to the Divine Word Missionaries and MIC

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~ Chloe Jon Paul