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Read the uplifiting advice and musings of Chloe JonPaul, a retired teacher who has not retired from life. Topics include practical advice, motivational ideas, and spirituality. Boomers to Millennials will be informed and entertained. (Please use the pull-down menu at the right of each publication to link to the essays).

Chloe Jon Paul

Poems and unpublished writing

Poem of the Month @ Author Meeting Place, OCT 2009


By Chloe JonPaul

“Shalom”, she whispered. He bent low to kiss

her hand and then her lips.

The London flight to Brussels was announced.

One last caress – and she was gone.

A holiday so bright with promise paled.

Their brief communion; human enterprise

That reckoned little with established code.

Said Bagsair was lost to jet and skies.

November rains and Tuesday’s mail arrived;

The envelope postmarked Khartoum contained

Three photographs (no message tucked inside).

He’d kept his promise – yet it pained her so.

And Kipling’s thoughts on East and West

Had run the gauntlet of another test.

This poem is based on a romantic encounter between and American woman and a Sudanese man who meet in London.